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Resume Tips

Most important entrepreneurs

There is an emerging trend towards video resumes.  Following are some tips to avoid becoming a water cooler joke:
  • Prepare your elevator pitch (know your USP - Unique Selling Proposition).
  • Keep your message simple.
  • Don't bore the recruiter(s) with long messages.  Keep it short and concise.
  • Be professional.

On a last note, be careful about presenting an image that is not yourself.  Remember, the next step after the resume screening process is the job interview.


Being with the same organization for an extended period of time has its ups and downs.  UP: It shows loyalty.  DOWN: It begs the question “why didn’t you move to a better opportunity or why weren’t you recruited?”  Another concern that a prospective employer might have is your ability to adjust to a new working environment.
Dana Mattioli, from the Career Journal, suggests five tips to improve resumes that only show one employer:
  • Show that you have progressed with the organization to fight the “bias” that you’ve been stagnant (i.e. address your promotions, etc.).
  • Show how you have adapted to new circumstances.
  • Be specific in your contributions by using numbers.
  • Group your skills together using subheadings.
  • Reach outside the workplace to see if you have relevant experience that you could mention (internships, volunteering, etc.).

interview tips

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