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Interview tips

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Many employers now use phone interviews as a way to pre-screen candidates before meeting with them face-to-face.  Phone interviews represent a challenge in their own way and, as for conventional job interviews, require adequate preparation.  Following are some tips to make an impression on your interlocutor:

  • Keep in mind the objective of the phone interview: obtain a face-to-face meeting.
  • Have your resume and cover letter handy, in case you need to refer to them.  That being said, you should not have to if you have prepared in advance.
  • Practice by doing mock phone interviews.
  • Schedule the phone interview carefully and choose a location where you will be able to talk without distraction. 
  • Let everybody in your household know that you're expecting a call, so when the interviewer calls, you'll be the one picking up the phone.
  • Avoid doing phone interviews using your cell phone.
  • Avoid squeaky chairs.
  • P.a.c.e. yourself when you speak and be clear.
  • Have a glass of water ready.
  • Sit straight.
  • Dress as if you were attending the interview in person.  This will put you in the right state of mind.

But before we go there, we should answer questions for ourselves first.  Following are five basic questions you should ask yourself and try to answer honestly:

  • Why do I want this job?
  • Why do I think I deserve this job?
  • Why do I think I will be happy at this job?
  • Why do I think I will be good at this job?
  • Why do I think I will be better than others at this job?
You will be spending five days a week (minimum) at your new job.  The least you can do is to be true to yourself.  Also, the goal is not to find a job at any cost, but to find a job you will be good at and a job that will make you happy.
Happiness is important in life. 

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