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Guidelines for Helping With Homework

  • Set aside a time each day for family learning.
  • Set aside at least 30 minutes, devoted to "family brain cell development." During this time, there should be no TV, video games, computer games, etc.
  • Model your own excitement for learning by reading a book, writing letters, etc.
  • Your child may learn by doing their homework, reading about something they love, writing stories, etc.
  • Help only when your child truly wants it.
  • Some parents make the mistake of forcing help upon their kids. This only creates frustration, anger, and kids who believe they can't learn without their parents' help.
  • Help only when there's an absence of anger or frustration.
  • When either you or your child gets frustrated or angry, learning becomes associated with frustration and anger.
  • Help only when your child can describe what the teacher said.
  • This ensures that your child continues to believe that it's important to pay attention to teachers.
  • Unfortunately, some kids learn that it's best to "tune-out" at school and let their parents do all of the teaching at home.
  • Move away from your child before he/she "gets it."
  • Some children believe they can only learn something, or "get it," when an adult is in the same room...or is guiding them every inch of the way.
  • To prevent this dependency, avoid falling into the habit of sitting at the table as your child does their homework, especially when they are on the brink of learning something new.
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