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Know about Stock Market

What is the Stock Market
A Stock Market is a place where you can invest in companies and hopefully make a profit by trading shares with other people.

A company can choose to offer a percentage of itself to the general public. This means everyone can invest in this company if they want to. When you want to buy a portion of a company you need to buy a share. A share is the name given to that portion of the company. This doesn't mean you own the company, it just means you have invested in it.

How to find the Stock Market
The Stock Market is in the games room. It is represented by Nigel the Chia. (He is wearing a suit and holding a cell phone). Click on Nigel and you will be in the stock market.

limit to the number of shares  can buy
Yes, there is a daily limit to the number of shares that you can buy. You are only permitted to buy or sell up to 1000 shares a day.

How to find a specific stock
You can find a specific stock by clicking the Find Stocks link at the top of any of the pages in the Stock Market. On this page you can either type in the company name, or you can click on the link to see a full list of the companies

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